*menu subject to change*

- You Got Served -

You're a Snack
The Mini Mouse

Slice of brie + crackers + dried fruit

Get Him to the Greek

Hummus, Kalamata olives and crackers 


Gettin’ Figgy with It
Brie & Havarti cheeses, fig jam, dried fruit + crackers

Don’t Have a Cow

Featuring Danelli’s Smoked Feta Cheese Spread (barrel aged) *Local Kirkland*, Pecorino, olives, dried fruit + crackers    


Shake Your Rump
Cured meats, olives, dried fruit, mixed berry jam, dealer’s choice 2 cheeses + crackers


I'm So Fancy Grilled Cheese

Be Jammin’
Brie & mixed jam spread on grilled bread + side of chips

Figgy Smalls

Brie & Fig spread on grilled bread + side of chips

Add Prosciutto to any fancy grilled cheese  + $4

Sundays Only - Big Shrimpin

Shrimp Roll
with chips + glass of bubbly or beer


Dude! Sweet!

Pop Tarts


Two of your favorite toaster pastries - ask what flavors we have today! 


Candy Girl

Mix of varied candies from our Candy Bar

Supporting Characters

VINPOP Organic Champagne Popcorn

Champagne or Prosecco flavor


Spanish Olives


Bowl ‘O’ Chips


Additional Crackers