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the notorious P.O.P.

And if you don't know,



I’m Carolyn Holt and Pop Culture Champagne bar is my dream, passion and love! Pop Culture is not just a business, it’s a lifestyle.

My favorite part of pouring these tiny bubbles of love is to hear laughter and see smiles. Your happiness gives me energy and drive. I just want you to put a face with a name, so when you can walk in, you feel like family!

We are going to be spending some quality time together, and it is our joy to create a playful and comfortable sanctuary for you.

POP Culture’s mission is to share our love of champagne with our community, but not take ourselves too seriously. To create many fantastic memories together in the town that we love  – cheers!

Check out our TV appearances!

King5 Evening

Studio 13 Live #1

Studio 13 Live #2

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